Grignano goes back to the Bronze Age, through the Etruscan and Roman periods, bearing the name “Castello di Vico” (you can still see the remains of the Vico Bridge on the road taking you from Arezzo to Fiesole and Florence).

Starting in the Middle Ages, it was first the residence of the Guidi counts and then, in turn, the personal property of Catherine De Medici (1519-1589) who, in recognition of her confessor and trusted banker, Bishop Marquis Enrico Gondi, decided to honour him with the Grignano Estate property.


At the start of the 1970s, the Estate passed into the hands of the Inghirami family from Borgo Sansepolcro, one of the most noted and representative names in the Italian textile and fashion industry, which made it into a dynamic and historic company, producing wine and oil on 600 hectares of land, of which 50 are cultivated with vines, 200 with olive trees, 100 hectares are arable land, and 250 hectares are woodland. In 1999, the Inghirami family acquired the Pievecchia Winery, thus expanding the Grignano Estate.

Tommaso Inghirami today leads the company along with a team of professional staff. Continuous focus on technological innovation and improvement in quality drove the Inghirami family, from 2018, to undertake a major plan of investment in the vineyard, wine-cellars and olive oil mill.

As a result of this major entrepreneurial activity, in time, new organic wines were born, which will act as agents of change in the winemaking industry of the Valdisieve (Sieve valley) area. 

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